Star Spotting: It Was Nice Of Jay-Z And Kevin Hart To Let Justin Bieber Sit At The Big Boys Table (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber chilled with Jay Z and Kevin Hart.

Justin Bieber hung out with Jay Z, and we're pretty sure it's too much for the Internet. 

Phew, Lord. So much is happening in this photo! Lemme catch my breath. Okay. Not only is Justin Bieber wearing a shirt AGAIN (what, did you not do your crunches today, Biebs?), but he's also totally mugging out with Jay-Z and Kevin Hart! After "OMFG Jay and Justin in the same frame, IS IT AN ILLUSION?!?" "Are we lost in the desert and only seeing mirages?," our first thought was how surprised we were to see Jay-Z and Kevin Hart acting like members of Justin Bieber's posse. (We kinda just thought it was, like, Jaden Smith or bust!!) But look at that, the Biebs totally rolls with the big boys!

Along with the above photo, Justin captioned: "Chilling with the boys @kevinhart4real and J." And there y'all have it! Justin's partying at the adults' table now. So maybe next time he could invite Uncle Will, Future (aka, one half of our current celeb crush couple), and Grandma Bieber, too?? It'd kind of be like Socratic/ Platonic for Justin to have all of those learned elders in one room, just sitting around, talking philosophy and memorizing verses and stuff, you know? Lots of wisdom floating around. Last thought: HOW INTENSELY WOULD YOU HAVE PANICKED if Beyoncé and her new hair were also in this photo? Like, really sit back and think about that...

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram