4 Ways Lady Gaga's 'Applause' Is Actually A 'Grey Gardens' Fantasy (VIDEO)


Lady Gaga's new Edie Beale-esque video deserves all the "A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E."

It's here!!!! Lady Gaga finally released her "Applause" music video, premiering it on "Good Morning America" just over an hour ago. Even though it isn't all drag queen-ed out like the lyric video, we are absolutely LIVING for its visuals. From the striking ensembles and disturbing beauty to the pop performance meta commentary and hand-painted cells, this clip is truly SUCH a delightful peek into Mother Monster's head a mere six days before she opens the 2013 Video Music Awards.

But as we were watching, we couldn't help but think that the Inez & Vinoodh-directed video could very easily be a peek inside another woman's head: Little Edie Beale of "Grey Gardens" fame. Here are four major reasons why Lady Gaga's "Applause" reminds us of the notorious cousin of Jackie O, particularly as she appears in the documentary chronicling the bizarre and decrepit state her life had turned into. Obviously we mean this in the best possible way. Also, keep in mind, it's just the best outfit for the day.

Little Edie and Lady Gaga are one and the same in "Applause."

Be still my beating, gay heart.

Watch Lady Gaga's "Applause" video after the jump.

Lady Gaga's "Applause" video is like Little Edie's fantasy.

1.) THE REVOLUTIONARY COSTUMES: This isn't just the best costume for the day. It's the best costume for EVERY day. (You understand, for we don't like women in skuhhhts...)

Lady Gaga is Little Edie Beale in the Applause music video.

2.) SWIRLING EMOTIONAL STATES: Each Gaga quadruplet perfectly captures a Beale-worthy feeling, from "If you can't get a man to propose to you, you might as well be dead," to "Horrors! Where'd this little book come from?!"

Lady Gaga's "Applause" video.

3.) THE UNIQUE SENSE OF THEATRICALITY: Hand-painted hands grabbing a Venus-esque Gaga emerging out of a hat? Well, it's no impromptu flag dance, but it's something!

Lady Gaga's "Applause" music video

4.) AN AFFECTION FOR BIZARRE ANIMALS: We would've assumed it would be a cat or a raccoon, what with the whole "Paws up!" thing and all. Well whatever, wings up, Little Monsters! We think we'll call her Whiskers! C'mon, go feed Whiskers.

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Photo credit: Interscope / GIF: thefilmdaily.tumblr.com