It's Demi Lovato's 21st Birthday! Celebrate With 21 Flawless Demi Photos!

It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday!

HBD, Demi! We made you this flawless photo album. ARE WE FRIENDS YET?!

Gather the villagers, because the day of legend has finally arrived: Queen Demi Lovato of the Principality of Flawlessia turns 21 today!!!! Huzzah! Huzzah! A thousand times huzzah! Now, let's break out the celebratory black body oil and dance around the skyscraper-shaped maypole (complete with 20-foot pink ombre ribbons, natch) as we celebrate the ah-mazingness of Her VMA-nominated Majesty, Mistress Demetria of the House of Barney von Frenzington!

Demi Lovato is 21! Celebrate with these 21 flawless Demi photos.

All together now: YAYYYYYYYY!!!!

In honor of the "Made In The USA" singer (who celebrated her b-day by volunteering on a Me to We trip to Kenya), we've compiled a comprehensive retrospective from Demi's "Camp Rock" days all the way up until her recent Teen Choice Awards domination. Hope you didn't have anything planned for the next 10 to 764 minutes, because here are 21 flawless photos of the birthday babe. FYI, we recommend humming "Rascacielos" (aka, "Skyscraper" en español) while flipping through the pics for maximum tear-duct output. Just a tip.

It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday!

Awwww, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus join our girl in the 2008 Teen Choice Awards audience. Paging Cute Overload!! .

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It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday!

Demi Lovato: Beyond Thunderdome! The b-day BB hits the 2012 TCAs. #BowDown

It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday!

Demi is, like, the DEFINITION of flawless at the 2009 American Music Awards.

It's Demi Lovato's 21st birthday!

NBD, just Ms. Lovato bringing down the house at a 2010 concert. Oh, wait -- BD!!! VBD!!!!


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