Why Missy Elliott Is A FLAWLESS Addition To KCON 2013 (VIDEOS)

Missy Elliott is the perfect performer to add to K-Pop's KCON roster.

Missy's worth it, so let her work it, KCON!

When we first saw that Missy Elliott had been added as a performer at KCON 2013, we were kinda like, "Well that's... cool. But whaaa??" Why would one of our favorite hip-hop emcees of all time suddenly show up to what is arguably America's largest annual gathering of K-pop fans? Like, obviously we're not questioning anything new from Missy, who's been gone for a minute to say the least (save for a recent cameo in Little Mix's "How Ya Doin?" video). That said... WHY?

Then it dawned on us -- MISSY ELLIOT IS A FLAWLESS ADDITION TO KCON 2013. If you really compare which elements have made Missy a star all those years and which trends define contemporary K-pop, you'll realize just how tailor-made for this roster the iconic rapper really is. Go ahead, read on if you don't believe us. Oh, BTW, remind us later that we need to discuss why you NEVER BELIEVE US.

Check out why we think Missy Elliot is a flawless addition to KCON 2013 after the jump.

First of all, K-pop is feeling its hip-hop influences HARD right now. From 2NE1's CL busting out as "The Baddest Female" of the group to anything we've seen tag-teamed by Dynamic Duo, it seems like the American-born genre is having a total Renaissance right now in the Hallyu music scene.

+ Watch CL's "The Baddest Female" video.


Combine that with the fact that K-pop music is super intertwined with its visuals, and you get crazy dynamic music videos that grab onto your eyeballs and don't let go till they say so. (And then you click replay for FIVE HOURS.) This harkens back to the highly choreographed, grandiose-in-scale clips that dominated Missy's glory days about 5 to 15 years ago.

Remember the desolate, dust-covered world created for "Lose Control" or the approximately BAZILLION or so different setups in the "Work It" video? What about her recent collab with Fantasia and Kelly Rowland on "Without Me?" Yeah, we'd definitely say that the rapper's visual approach to her work additionally makes her an ideal candidate for this novel inter-genre collaboration.

+ Watch Fantasia's "Without Me" video featuring Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland.

But there's also something specifically about Missy's evolving brand of visual that makes her so unique. She'll be rapping on one of the most radio-friendly, you're-instantly-jamming-to-it tracks, and suddenly A ROACH CRAWLS OUT OF HER MOUTH. Or, like, her backup dancers are just doing their choreography in camo, NBD, and then WHOOPS, MISSY JUST HAWKED A LOOGIE 30 FEET ACROSS THE ROOM INTO SOME GUY'S MOUTH. (Not NBD!!)

Missy Elliott will perform at KCON 2013.

We think G-Dragon can definitely match Missy's stage presence/aggressive weirdness.

It's this unsettling balance she strikes between cutesy-fun and morbid-WHY that really defines a lot of Missy Elliot as an artist, and that's also what seems to define a lot of hip-hop-influenced K-Pop performers right now -- fellow KCON 2013 performer G-Dragon in particular.

We hope we're making sense here, but we're just SO excited that K-pop and hip-hop -- two seemingly contrary genres -- are reaching this exciting point of singularity. Though we don't know what Missy or any of the other expected performers will pull out onstage the weekend of Aug. 24, we know that they will all WORK IT. Now if you'll excuse us... we need a glass of wah-tahhh.

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