Star Spotting: Justin Bieber's In The Studio With Future, And He Even Remembered To Wear A Shirt! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber hits the recording studio with Future and (surprisingly) a shirt!

Justin Bieber shows off his two new collaborators: Future and... a shirt??

So, Justin Bieber is back in the recording studio according to this latest Instagram, which is captioned, "In the studio making a smash with my bro @future" (!!!) One problem: WHY IS HE WEARING A SHIRT?! It just doesn't make sense! He's alllllll about going shirtless while walking through NYC or casually strolling through the airport, but it's only when he's in a private room that he gets properly dressed!? (Yes, we know that saying "properly" when describing a white tank top is far-fetched, but for a pop star? It's basically business casual.)

Don't get us wrong -- we're all kinds of excited that the Segway cruiser is collaborating with Future (aka one half of today's Couple Crush Alert who's also worked with Ciara, Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West), but why's he gotta do it clothed? We already know that Justin's all about strumming the guitar for his grandmother while naked, so what gives now that he's in a grandma-free environment?! Does the studio have a very strict "no shirt, no shoes, no singing" policy? Hey, we can respect rules -- but not ones that stunt our chances at seeing half-naked babes. Aaaaaaaaaaand #pout.

Photo credit: @justinbieber