New Video: Tonight Alive, 'Lonely Girl'

Watch Tonight Alive's "Lonely Girl" video.

Tonight Alive explore teen angst in their "Lonely Girl" video.

It's been a minute since we've heard from Australian rockers and Buzz On alums Tonight Alive. But the crew has spent all summer demolishing their performances on Vans Warped Tour, and now they've just released a brand-new video for "Lonely Girl," which will appear on their upcoming Sept. 10 release, The Other Side. (And no, sadly the album isn't an homage to Jason Derulo's song of the same name, but that's definitely something to consider for next time.)

Watch Tonight Alive's "Lonely Girl" video after the jump.

In the video, 19-year-old frontwoman Jenna McDougall sings her heart out in an empty parking lot backed by her fellow bandmates. Later, an alternate story line comes in featuring said "lonely girl," who definitely looks like she's having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. She's crying in bed, getting yelled at by mom, running around with "the bad crowd," and listening to Tonight Alive sing vaguely scary things like, "Lonely girl, you lost the only thing you loved/ Nothing that you have is ever good enough/ And I won't be the one to keep you safe/ And I won't be the one who stays the same."

After much angst, angst, and more angst, the video fades out with a shot of "Lonely Girl" still looking sad and alone, while Jenna, all blonde and gorg, walks off into the night like a badass. It's the ultimate "you were mean to me in high school, but now I'm a famous singer" revenge song, and we suggest you keep it in you back pocket should you ever re-encounter that dumb chick who put your bed under the bunk at sleepaway camp. #TMI.

+ Watch Tonight Alive's "Lonely Girl" video

Photo credit: Fearless Records