New Song: Escort, 'Cabaret'

Listen to Escort's "Cabaret."

Escort relive the '70s in "Cabaret."

NYC 17-piece disco ensemble Escort haven't slowed the soul train down one bit since releasing "Barbarians" last May. Nope, in fact they've been doing the disco point / "Hustle" / "Electric Slide" with even more ardor (if that's possible) on their latest party-all-night track, "Cabaret," which just so happens to be inspired by legendary nightclub singer Liza Minnelli.

Listen to Escort's "Cabaret" after the jump.

Opening with Diana Ross-like vocals, Escort lead singer Adeline Michèle dives into the synth-heavy, dancehall-ready "Cabaret," singing, "There was a cabaret / Just off of Avenue A / Where you get anything you want / If you know what to say." #Scandalous.

So, how does this all connect to Judy Garland's daughter? In a conversation with Rolling Stone, Escort cofounder Eugene Cho revealed the track's unique backstory: "The band was sharing a huge coffee cake with Liza [Minnelli], and she started telling us all these crazy stories about Barry [Manilow], Dudley [Moore] and their escapades in Sunnyside in the '70s. She revealed to us that the New York elite only went to parties uptown for photo ops, but the real parties were in the back of Indian restaurants where unspeakable things happened on a nightly basis and the public had no idea. That really inspired 'Cabaret.'"

OK, first of all, SO JEALOUS of anybody getting to spend time with Lucille 2. Second, we can practically see the mirrorballs spinning now! This totally calls for an all-'70s-everything afternoon. Next stop, Studio 54! Mo-OM, have you seen my bell-bottoms? YES, the ones I wore in 1999. I said NO butterfly clips!

Anyway. Look out for "Cabaret" on Escort's upcoming single package, dropping Sept. 24 via Escort Records.

+ Listen to Escort's "Cabaret."

Photo credit: Escort Records

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