Couple Crush Alert: Ciara And Future (VIDEOS)

Ciara and Future are officially on Couple Crush Alert.

A Ciara and Future couple crush alert is in effect!

Forget Justin Timberlake and Macklemore's super bromantic fro-yo date and all of Joe Jonas' affectionate puppy pics (aka half of his Instagram), because there's a new celeb couple that out-cutes them all: Ciara and Future!

After igniting a storm of "Are they or aren't they?" rumors earlier this year while collaborating on CiCi's self-titled fifth studio album, the two finally came clean, with Ciara telling MTV News, "If you love somebody you should express it, and now I understand that. There's nothing sexy about hiding your love." We couldn't agree more, which is why we're about to WILE THE EFF OUT over why we just absolutely LAHHHV your adorable coupledom! YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME. #SorryBoutIt

Find out why we're obsessed with Ciara and Future, and watch Ciara's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With" video after the jump.

First of all, Ciara and Future seem so natural around each other. There isn't even the slightest hint that their relationship is in any way just some big media production orchestrated by their agents. Just check out that scene in the middle of Ciara's "Body Party" music video, where the two act like they're meeting for the first time. Both CiCi and Future look about two seconds from breaking character and love-giggling (Katy Perry can explain the "love giggle") all over each other. Cut to us watching, and we've love-giggled ourselves hoarse for the next week. SUCH IS THE PERIL OF LOVE-GIGGLING.

+ Watch Ciara's "Body Party" video.

For another thing, Ciara and Future seem to support one another on a professional AND person level. Like we said, Future collab'd on Ciara, which can be heard in "Body Party"'s sensual "Oo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo" echos, not to mention their true duet on the album, "Where You Go." It's haunting, yet comforting, like spooning Casper the Friendly Ghost -- or a better simile!

Our language deficiencies aside, that's gotta be why Future wants to marry the "Super Turnt Up" crossover R&B performer. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that? Well, how silly of us, let's try that again: FUTURE WANTS TO MARRY CIARA. He officially declared his intentions, and -- as Ciara's self-appointed, hawk-eyed father figure who's only so strict 'cause he loves her -- we grant the "Love Me" singer our blessing.

Ciara and Future are officially on our Cute Couple Alert!

Welcome to the family.

Like, they're CLEARLY made for each other. Look at how effortlessly F and C have managed to be all cutesy couple matchy-matchy in the top photo, WITHOUT veering into Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' legendarily WTF all-denim evening wear experiment. That's like doing the impossible, but then again, Ciara's "Ride" music video is basically a showcase of Ci's ability to defy what's possible, at least physically.

Hmmmmm, we wonder where they were off to in the above image captured Wednesday night? Well, we may not know for sure, but if Ciara's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With" video gives us any clues, our best guess would be... on their way to a California Pizza Kitchen to pick up a double order of butter cakes, which they'd then take with them to a fenced-in pasture filled with Shiba Inu puppies who are all wearing thick-rimmed nerd-puppy glasses. Or dinner. Probably dinner. Love you!

+ Watch Ciara's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With" video.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: Reaction GIFs