Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Will Perform 'Same Love' Live At The VMAs, So Grab A Tissue And Get Ready To BAWL! (VIDEO)

Macklemore will perform at the 2013 MTV VMAs!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis WILL perform "Same Love" at the VMAs, and we WILL be needing those tissues.

In the name of all that is holy and second-hand, our prayers have been answered! Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, the six-time VMA-nominated musicians, are slated to perform their heartwrenchingly powerful single "Same Love" at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards!!!!

Real talk: How amazing is it that a socially conscious song has actually achieved such great success this year?? Commenting on the track's nomination, the guys told MTV Act that they "love that 'Same Love,' and its video, has served as a means of creating dialogue about human rights, equality and gay marriage." Agreed! Agreed! A thousand times agreed! We can't even begin to say how moved we are to see such relative music industry newcomers ALREADY using their wide-reaching platform to further such an important cause! Hats off to you, good sirs. Hats off!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will perform Same Love at the VMAs!

Those hats are obvs $2 Goodwill fedoras, each with a peacock feather sticking out of them.

Ugh, we get teary-eyed when we're just listening to the pro-LGBT anthem through on our iPhones, and now we're gonna see Mack and Ryan bringing it full-blast live on the VMA stage? We will be BAWLING. Our popcorn will be slathered with a healthy coating of melted butter and TEARS. And if the Seattle-based artists take home all six of their Moonman (along with Best Video With A Social Message for "Same Love," "Can't Hold Us" is up for the Best Hip-Hop Video, Direction, Editing, and Cinematography, and "Thrift Shop" has a shot at Video Of The Year), we bet they'll be bawling, too! Just please, Macklemore, remember to keep it friendly with Justin Timberlake, aka, the guy you're tied with for six VMA noms a piece! Remember your bromantic fro-yo date? DO NOT FORSAKE THE LOVE THAT BRO-YO HATH WROUGHT.

Macklemore & ryan lewis are performing "Same Love" at the 2013 VMAs!

Remember the love, guys!

Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' VMA promo video after the jump.

As for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' VMA mainstage performance, here's what we can expect: It will be AWESOME. Though these two are total nomination newbies, they're basically MTV awards show performance vets at this point, having already rocked both the Woodie Awards and the Movie Awards. What else can we anticipate? Well... we're not sure. By looks of the promo, there may be a goat and/or shofar involved. Hmmm, we've never really gotten, like, a "Hey, I'm a Satanist!" vibe off of either of these guys, so we doubt that they'll be all #YOLO and sacrifice the li'l babe onstage. Guh, we have no clue. Guess we'll just have to tune in to find out.

+ Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' VMA promo video.

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