Here's Another Reminder That Beyonce Is Having A Better Summer Than You (PHOTOS)

Beyonce is having a better summer than you.

Beyoncé knows that a good summer means stocking up on junk food.

While some of us are having ugly-cry temper tantrums over the fact that summer is almost over (aka me), Beyoncé just keeps on DOMINATING the season! Posting a few new photos to her Tumblr, Bey's been having all kinds of fun-in-the-sun moments, like, say, shopping for junk food at a corner store. At first I was like, "OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD! Bey and I have SO MUCH in common -- we BOTH love scarfing down empty calories in the summer heat!" Then, after downing gallons of Skittles to celebrate, we saw the harsh reality that we really are nothing like her. Because Beyoncé CLEARLY has will power in these situations, and we... Well, we're reaching for another bag of candy.

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Beyonce takes a shadow selfie with Blue Ivy.

Sure, summer shadow selfies are overplayed, but Beyoncé's aren't!

Taking a break from her "Mrs. Carter World Tour" to soak in the last days of summer, the MTV VMA nominee also snapped an adorbz shadow selfie with her daughter, Blue Ivy! Based on these and other seasonal pics (getting a new haircut, biking the Brooklyn Bridge, and earning superhero status), we're thinking Beyoncé's next business endeavor should be a coffee-table book entitled "How To Live Your Best Life: Summer Edition." But, um, let's hold off on that project until after Beyoncé's supposed new album comes out. (No, seriously, Bey... WHEN?!!!!!)

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