Mac Miller Is PROBABLY NOT A Member Of The Illuminati, So Just Chill, Everyone (PHOTO)

Mac Miller's Fader cover does NOT mean he's in the Illuminati.

Sometimes, Mac just wants to cover one eye with a symbol-tatted hand. So what?!

For a young performer to understand whether he or she has finally "made it" fame-wise, there are two important criteria to evaluate. The first is if they've got a Weird Al parody -- basically the Holy Grail of fame. The second litmus test has to do with whether the singer's got Illuminati rumors swirling about them. So, Mac Miller, congratulations! The ridiculous occultish gossip that's sure to arise out of you covering one eye with your hand (that's tatted with an upside-down cross, no less) on the new issue of The FADER means that yer a STAH!

We'd love it if all y'all cray-crays in the YouTube comments section would just CHILL OUT with the New World Order-related rumors about the "I Am Who I Am (Killin' Time)" rapper. But since that's basically impossible (cray-crays gonna cray), we're just gonna turn this negative into a positive. C'mon Mac, look at the company you're now keeping! Florence + The Machine, Jay Z, and Beyoncé have all been rumored to have Illuminati-ish tendencies, and Kanye West has been accused of being both an Illuminati member and a devil worshipper! Even Ke$ha's been charged! Well... OK, maybe she did court the attention again and again. But whatever, gossip-mongers, slow your roll! Even Busta Rhymes thinks this Illuminati obsession is out of control! Besides, the only kind of "New World Order" Mac wants to impose on us is an acceptance of incredibly furry man chests.

Photo credit: The FADER