Beyonce's 'Grown Woman' Got A Country Remix, And It Somehow Works!

Check out a Beyonce "Grown Woman" country remix!

Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" got a country remix, and honestly, it's not that bad! No, really!

We love Beyoncé, and we'll still "Bow Down" to any little thing she does, but MAN! Our heads are straight spinning from all of her mysterious singles, remixes, and more remixes (but no new album news -- UGH!). Did she release "Grown Woman"? Did she release "Standing On The Sun"? Did she release that awesome "Standing On The Sun" reggae remix? Did she release this EVEN BETTER "Grown Woman" country remix? That's right, we said "country." And it's not half bad.

Listen to Beyonce's "Grown Woman" country remix after the jump.

As we've come to expect from Beyoncé (or not expect, as the case may be), we can't say for sure whether this country-fried remix is an official release, or if it came straight from someone brilliant person's laptop. (We're leaning toward some brilliant person's laptop.) But we're not gonna worry about that for now -- we're just going to sit back, relax, and let these soothing, twangy (that's right, WE SAID TWANGY) chords wash over us. Or, in network speak, Beyoncé's "Grown Woman"-gone-country could play on BET, CMT, MTV, VH1... It could be ubiquitous! Much like the VMA nominee herself! (Even if she does insist on not telling us anything. #It'sFine. #We'reDealing.)

+ Listen to Beyonce's "Grown Woman" country remix.

Photo credit: Columbia Record