Can We Actually Marry Kelly Clarkson’s 'Tie It Up' Video?

Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" music video.

Like, just look at this soon-to-be blushing bride! G'awwwww, Kelly!

Have you guys ever seen those documentaries about people who are, like, in love with the Golden Gate Bridge, broken down roller coasters, and other such things that could be classified as "not human beings WTF?!" Well, we now have a pretty good shot at ending up on a talk-show couch discussing our newfound "Objectum Sexuality," because we're basically IN LOVE with Kelly Clarkson's new video for "Tie It Up"!!!!

Don't worry Brandon Blackstock, aka Kelly's fiancé of almost a year, we're not interested in taking your lady -- just her latest clip! Oh, plz plz plz plz! WE'RE DOWN ON ONE KNEE. Ow, wait, one second. OK that's better. WE'RE DOWN ON THIS THROW PILLOW. Will you marry us, Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" music video?

Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" video after the jump.

This Weiss Eubanks-directed clip is seriously so fun! It depicts a dozen or so different wedding parties at various points in the ceremony, from the groom getting pumped with his best men to the vows, with plenty of reception shenanigans and wilin' out brides thrown in for good measure. There's even a gay couple cutting a cake, which just makes us love Kelly's new video even more for its progressive and inclusive message! (In case it's #notclear, we now consider the "Tie It Up" vid to be a totally sentient being capable of accepting our marriage proposal.) No wonder the soon-to-be Mrs. Brandon Blackstock's nominated for a Best Video With A Social Message VMA!

Meanwhile, the full-time singer, part-time photobomber acts as the wedding singer of our DREAMS, keeping all dozen or so wedding parties going strong -- we'd like to see Adam Sandler do that! But only if he was in character as Opera Maaaaaaan. Hmmm, we've gotta jot that down. Wouldn't that be great at our wedding reception, Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" music video? Huh? Huh??

+ Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" video.

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