Miley Cyrus Twerked For Terry Richardson, Taking Twerk To New, Previously Unknown Levels (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus twerks for the camera at her photo shoot with Terry Richardson!

It's Miley's shoot, and she can twerk if she wants to!

So far we've seen Miley Cyrus twerking in a unicorn onesie, going to twerk onstage at a Juicy J show, and twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerking it the eff out in her "We Can't Stop (Director's Cut)" video. All great examples of twerking, tens across the board. But today, Mizz Milez has taken her twerk game to 2.0 by -- drumroll please -- TWERKING ON A WALL. In a photo shoot by -- who else? -- Terry Richardson. As much as we like the VMA performer and quadruple nominee's two-footed booty-popping, we LAHV to see her leveling up to the status of a backup dancer in Diplo's "Express Yourself" video! To quote Big Freedia: #AZZEVERYWHERE.

Check out more NSFW photos from Miley Cyrus' Terry Richardson shoot after the jump.

In the NSFW photo spread, which Terry posted to his Tumblr, Richardson himself pops in for a few frames to give his signature thumbs-up/goofy smile pose. Miley even gives her own, er, unique spin on said move in two of the frames. Another regular feature from the photog's shoots, Li'l Miss Cyrus even got to try on the photographer's famous vintage nerdy/pervy grandpa glasses, a great honor previously bestowed on the likes of Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto, and, um, Terry Richardson the rest of the time.

+ Check out more photos from Miley Cyrus' NSFW Terry Richardson shoot.

Miley Cyrus poses for photos shot by Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus, upon seeing her shot above.

Hmmmm, do you think that this top photo gives us any clues as to what we can expect at Miley's upcoming VMA performance? Do you think she's been upping her twerk game, practicing on every damn wall she walks by just so that when she takes the Barclays Center stage on Sunday, Aug. 25, she does not disappoint?? OR, do you think she's trying to twerk up the crowd so that they'll #votemiley for the Best Song Of The Summer VMA?!?! Hmmmm, we must muse this over. Miley Cyrus twerk GIFs usually help us think better...

 Miley Cyrus twerks for the VMAs.

Miley Cyrus twerks for the VMAs.

Miley Cyrus twerks for the VMAs.

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Photo credit: Terry Richardson / GIFs: MTV