2 Huge Reasons To Watch The VMA Pre-Show: Austin Mahone And Ariana Grande Are Performing! (VIDEO)

Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone will perform at the 2013 MTV VMA pre-show!

Ariana Grande and Austin Mahone will perform at the 2013 MTV VMA pre-show!

Can we get an O-M-G?! We've got some amazing 2013 MTV VMA news to share: Guess who's performing at the VMA pre-show? Oh, just the biggest solo names in pop music: Austin Mahone and Ariana Grande! (#We'reNotWorthy) And to top things off, Aussie DJ duo NERVO will spin from the red carpet during the entire pre-show! *Dances*

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Now, level with me: Could this career win come at a better time for either of the genuinely kindhearted young singers? Ariana's super busy lately releasing stunning pop-meets-R&B tracks like her Mac Miller-assisted "The Way" and "Baby I." Plus, Ariana's making tons of good friends in the music world -- she recently opened a few dates on Justin Bieber's "Believe" Tour, AND she teamed up with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes to duet on "Almost Is Never Enough." And need we remind you that she's about to release her debut, Yours Truly, on Sept. 3? SO MUCH GROUND TO COVER.

And speaking of covering ground, we know we don't need to remind all y'all Mahomies how much Austin's killing the pop music game this year. It literally feels like he's everywhere! Not only did Austin spend his summer vacation touring with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on Taylor's "Red" tour, but the VMA nominee somehow found the time to teach us how to take a picture-perfect selfie AND he's going to headline MTV's upcoming "Artist To Watch" tour. Now he's heading to Brooklyn for the biggest night in music! GAH! Frankly, we feel a little airsick just thinking about it.

Plus, we're kiiinda guessing that Austin's totally aware of how crazy all-over-the-place his life is. How do we know? We asked him! Austin recently spoke to us about his travels and even told us where he'd go if the possibilities were endless. Think: Mount Rushmore, a safari, Hawaii, THE MOON... (Hey, with the VMAs regularly handing out Moonmen, that last one sounds pretty serendipitous. Not saying, just saying!)

Remember to tune in to the VMA pre-show on Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET, then stick around for the 2013 MTV VMAs at 9 p.m. ET!

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