Star Spotting: Rihanna Literally Stops Traffic With The Power Of FLAWLESSNESS! (PHOTO)

Rihanna LITERALLY stops traffic!

It's really hard for people to concentrate when Rihanna struts the streets!

Once again, Rihanna has turned public streets into her personal catwalk as seen in this latest Instagram photo, which she captioned, "GET MY LOOK SOON: black cropped hoodie w/ attached mesh sleeves, black baggy rolled up denim w/ waxed on "G4LIFE" #PREORDER #RIVERISLAND #RIHverIslandGal." Apparently, RiRi's so fine, she stops traffic -- literally. Check out the cab driver in the background. The guy is driving and taking a pic of Ri at the same time! It's like, "WOAH, dude, don't drool and drive!"

Seriously, though, do you think that the first thing the 2013 VMA nominee does every morning is figure out which bare body part to flaunt that day? BUT CAN YOU BLAME HER? If we owned as much IDGAF swagger as Rihanna, we'd probably just go around the city completely naked (adorned in only our fanciest grill, obvs) because... WHY THE EFF NOT!? Yes, we're fully aware that you can get arrested for indecent exposure, but if we had her you-can-grate-cheese-on-these perfect abs, we're pretty confident we'd be able to woo ourselves out of any citation. If not, well, at least we'd have a DAMN foine mug shot to put in the ol' scrapbook.

Photo credit: @badgalriri