Buzzworthy Obsession: Jacuzzi Boys, 'Domino Moon' (VIDEO)

Watch Jacuzzi Boys' "Domino Moon" video.

Meet our latest obsession: garage-rock trio Jacuzzi Boys.

Based on their name and hometown of Miami, you might expect Jacuzzi Boys to be a champagne-popping, VIP-line-cutting group of party bros. But the sound on display in their new single, "Domino Moon," couldn't be further from that. Seems like the trio spend a lot more time on the beach than in the hot tub. Or in the garage. In a garage overlooking the beach probably. Man, we need to move out of the Northeast.

WAtch Jacuzzi Boys' "Domino Moon" video after the jump.

The track, off their upcoming self-titled LP, also has an appropriately blurry, fuzzy music video. It's a whirl of packed, crowd-surfing concert footage and sweaty crowds, mixed with psychedelic cuts to the open road, the night sky, and mirrored and color-hazed shots of Gabriel Alcala, Diego Monasterios, and Danny Gonzalez hard at work. It's chillwave minus the chill, you might say. It's also decidedly more frenetic than the laid-back track "Double Vision," which the boys released earlier this summer.

We couldn't have said it better than our pals at MTV Hive, who described the video as "a muggy night spent rolling from bar to bar, a crowd spilling out of a sweaty venue washed in an alcohol haze, and a fat midsummer moon hanging low in the sky offering up all manner of possibilities — both sweet and sinister."

"With this record and some of the more uptempo stuff, we did a good job of capturing the the wildness and the freakiness of when we [perform] live," Gonzales told Spin Magazine in an interview. "We play stuff a little faster, and it’s noisier and louder."

Come to think of it, maybe there is a hint of a jacuzzi in "Domino Moon" after all. But it's one filled to the brim with empty beer bottles, and people are probably diving headfirst into it from the roof.

Look out for Jacuzzi Boys' forthcoming self-titled LP, dropping Sept. 10 on Hardly Art, and catch them on tour with Wavves and King Tuff this fall.

+ Watch Jacuzzi Boys' "Domino Moon" video.

Photo credit: Hardly Art