Prince's First Selfie On Twitter Is Basically The Most Prince Thing Ever (PHOTO)

Prince tweets out his first selfie, and it's basically the most Prince selfie ever.

Prince's first-ever selfie is surprisingly accurate, TBH.

Although the Twitter handle for Prince's newest band, #3RDEYEGIRL, has been around for months, it was only yesterday that the music icon took control. Tweeting as @3rdeyegirl, the artist formerly known as Prince shot out the self-explanatory message: "PRINCE'S FIRST TWEET... TESTING 1, 2...," before stunning the world with his self-proclaimed first official selfie -- aka a purplish puff of smoke! What does this mean?? Is THIS what it sounds like when doves cry?! WE WANT ANSWERS.

Captioning the well-below 140-character missive, "1st selfie #selfie," the "FIXURLIFEUP" frontman's mysterious move is... well, not expected per se, but are you HONESTLY surprised that Prince's first selfie ever is an abstract, de-corporealized, purple-soaked smoke visual? COME ON, if you had to guess, that would AT LEAST make your top-15 short list! Now this only begs the question: What will the legendary artist do once he discovers Vine?! A choppily edited video of two white doves weeping into each other's tear-soaked wings while "Black Sweat" plays in the background would be BEYOND. Or, what if Prince decides to drop the biggest social media-savvy move of all: a Nick Jonas-topping SHIRTLESS selfie?!?! UGH. #IWannaBeYourOnlineLover #AnthonyWeinerStyle #GetAtMe

Photo credit: @3rdeyegirl