Happy 24th Birthday, Joe Jonas! Here Are 10 Photos Of You… As A Dog!


Happy 24th birthday, Joe Jonas! Y’know, we feel like we’ve gotten to know you and the other Jonas Brothers pretty well over the last decade (jeeze, has it really been that long?). And although we’ve technically never met (now’s your chance to change that!), we do feel like we know a few True Facts about you: 1) You’re not above getting a drastic haircut, 2) YOU LOVE DOGS, and 3) you REALLY love dogs.

That in mind, we spent hours trying to think of the perfect present for your b-day. And here’s what we decided: Since you love dogs so much, we thought we’d play a little game of “fun with Photoshop,” i.e. superimpose your face onto a bunch of adorable dogs! See? This way you get to BE a dog, and nobody has to dabble in the dark arts. It’s the best of both worlds! Also, don’t forget: It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there… Now you’ll be totally prepared for life’s “ruff” moments. (WHAT? Puns!)

Check out more photos of Joe Jonas as a dog after the jump!

It’s Joe’s party, and he can bark if he wants to!

My birthday: THE REMIX.

GAH!! What is happening?!?!

No, seriously, we didn’t sign up for this!!

Ahhh. OK, that’s better. (And cuuuter.)

…It’s my DOG IN A BOX! (Geddit?)

We’ll take everything but the face.

LET’S EVERYBODY BE DOGS. Right, Nick and Kevin?!

Happy birthday, Joe! You’re the gif(t) that keeps on giving!

Photo credit: Getty Images/@joejonas/GIF: grimeszzzz