Star Spotting: Fergie Works Her Baby Bump With Will.I.Am And Apl.De.Ap! (PHOTO)

Fergie shows off her beautiful baby bump in this photo with and!

Fergie's got a lotta preggo and a lotta hot going on all in the same frame.

Truth be told, we've been a little lax on our coverage of "Baby Bump Watch: Fergie Edition." In fact, we haven't really seen the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman's soon-to-be baby (BTW, it's a boy!!) since her intensely perfect pregnant leather pants moment. Until now, of course, because, well... HOW COULD YOU MISS IT in this photo?? The heir to the Duchess is perfectly displayed in a skintight, pink-and-black spandex number, posing next to his future "uncles," and!! #KODAKMOMENT!

The very "with child" Fergie got together with her BEP cohorts and did what any reasonable expectant mother would do: capture the moment on Instagram, presumably so that the first event on his Facebook timeline would have an accompanying photo. (JK!) Fergie captioned: "#UncleLove @iamwill & @apldeap. Miss u@tabooexperience." Can we all just take a sec to picture "Uncle Will" with a bouncing baby boy on his lap?! Cue hearts melting around the world!! We also have to commend the "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)" singer on basically EVERYTHING SHE HAS GOING HERE. Not only is Fergs completely balanced in heels, but she's werquing that bump like it's the hottest accessory at Fashion Week! To quote RuPaul, "I'll have one in every color!"

Photo credit: Fergie's Instagram