Watch Jessie J's 'Excuse My Rude' Lyric Video Featuring Becky G

Jessie J teams with Becky G on "Excuse My Rude"

Jessie J and Becky G team up on "Excuse My Rude."

Becky G and Jessie J were a collabo waiting to happen, amirite? I mean, they're both take-no-prisoners babes, and they're both championed by super-producer Dr. Luke. It's fate! And it turns out we were on to something: Jessie and Becky have just teamed up for a grimy, no B.S., step-the-eff-back anthem / lyric video, "Excuse My Rude." Which means if you don't have someone to literally say the words "Excuse My Rude" to, then you should probably find one immediately. May we suggest your horrid ex-boyfriend who's coming in to town for the weekend and wants to grab dinner "as friends"? (FML. TMI?)

Watch Jessie J's "Excuse My Rude" lyric video featuring Becky G after the jump.

Slated to appear on the "WILD" singer's soon-to-be-released sophomore album, "Excuse My Rude" has Jessie singing about a total narcissist: "Me-me-me-me-me/ That's all you ever talk about/ Me-me-me-me-me/ Sick of when you scream and shout/ Me-me-me-me-me/ So baby go and run your mouth." This guy sounds, like, literally the worst. Never shutting up about himself?

Listen to Jessie J. and Becky G's new song "Excuse My Rude."

Tell 'em, Stephanie.

Next up is a fierce verse courtesy of the "Becky From The Block" rapper: "They say hate is a strong word/ But I got that urge/ Treat me like a waiter/ So you better get served/ With that Becky G special." Kay, now for the most important question of the day: WHO will help me make the phrase "Excuse My Rude" the 2013 version of "Talk To The Hand"? No, seriously, get at me. I'm not even joking. What, no takers?

Listen to Jessie J. and Becky G on "Excuse My Rude."

What, you don't like the truth? Well, ex-CUSE my RUDE.

+ Watch Jessie J's "Excuse My Rude" lyric video featuring Becky G.

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