Nicki Minaj Is 'Bout Dat Life, Which Obviously Means Twerking On The Roof Of A Maybach (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj hops on a Maybach like it's her job!

Nicki Minaj twerks on a Maybach like it's her job! Oh wait, it is.

Apparently it's not enough that a plausible activity in Nicki Minaj's life includes re-enacting her "#TwerkIt" video on the roof of a Maybach. Nope, because did we mention that the vehicle where Nicki's twerk-a-thon took place just so happened to be transporting her to her private G4 plane? Parked just for her? All fueled up to take the topless Instagrammer to Miami? Presumably to do something super fun and exclusive that only famous people get to experience? In conclusion, Nicki's BOUT DAT LIFE in a HUGE WAY.

Along with the photo of her twerking atop an expensive vehicle (or, we suppose she could be doing a demi plie), Nicki captioned: "#TwerkLife it never ends. Drop off to the G4. Miami here we come." WERQUE! Ride in style and don't apologize for one second of it! Ball till you fall (hopefully not literally though -- there's concrete!) and make everyone wanna get like you! Also, a Maybach PLUS a private jet is, like, straight-up a baller's parking lot. #NOVOLVOZONE

Photo credit: Nicki Minaj's Instagram