Miley Cyrus And Harry Styles' Backstage Teen Choice Awards Photo Is ALREADY On Our Fridge!

Miley Cyrus cuddles up to One Direction's Harry Styles backstage at the Teen Choice Awards.

BRB, vicariously living through Miley Cyrus' fingertips.

While One Direction's Harry Styles may have racked up more surfboards than Miley Cyrus at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards (he got four with the group plus two solo, whereas Mizz Milez merely got a whopping three), the "We Can't Stop" songstress received one honor that trumps all the commemorative surfboards in the world: getting to cozy up to Harry Styles and his lightly covered abdominal treasure zone. Sure, the "Best Song Ever" singer can technically swipe his fingers delicately past his belly button whenever he wants, but -- SHYEAH -- he'll never understand the near paradise Cyrus experienced in this Kodak moment! (And yeah, technically we probably never will either, but... )

The 2013 VMA nominee set her TCA surfboards aside in order to cozy up to her VMA-presenting "trophy husband," and we hope it's not an awkward photo opp now that Miley and Harry are both nominated for the Best Song Of The Summer Moonman. (Vote here!) Regardless, we should've seen this coming, y'all! Remember Miley's Harry Styles lifesize cutout? For months it seems, Miley has been practicing the perfect Styles-spoon at home, much like every other boy band obsessive we know. Although, duh, props for getting to touch He of the Harrowing Hairflip IRL, we would've gone for the embarrassing cheek-pinch (copyright your Great Aunt Mildred). A risky move, but it woulda been totally worth getting thrown outta the Teen Choice Awards for.

Photo credit: Getty Images