Star Spotting: Here's Your Daily Reminder That A Shirtless Austin Mahone Is A Very Good, Very Buff Austin Mahone! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone flexes his muscles in the latest shirtless selfie. We SWOON.

Take your time counting all the ripples in Austin Mahone's muscles. We'll wait!

At first we were all like, "Awww, look, Austin Mahone's using his Instagram as a dream board and posting aspirational bodybuilder photos to get in the workout zone." Then we read his caption, "Putting in work before the show! #gym #REDtour," and we were like, "AW, SHOOOOT! That pile o' buffness IS Austin!" It's not like we didn't already know that the "What About Love" singer was in shape, but this pic is just another friendly reminder that while we're busy counting how many Cheetos we can fit in our mouth at once (17), Austin's tallying the number of bench presses he can do in one rep (a-ba-zillion).

Clearly, the MTV VMA nominee doesn't use his hectic touring schedule as an excuse to not exercise -- working out is obvs a major part of Austin's preperformance ritual! (Related: If we were Taylor Swift, Austin's "Red" tourmate, we'd be making up allllll kinds of excuses to hit up Austin's green room before the show.) But seriously, if this whole pop star thing doesn't work out (and if he gets bored of climbing the Empire State Building and running board meetings), the guy should totally start his own fitness craze: the Mahomie-FLEX! We'd sign up, but ONLY if Austin promises to teach us shirtless. Yes, we only aspire to physical fitness when there are half-naked famous people involved -- WHAT OF IT!?

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram