Kevin And Danielle Jonas Take Their 'AWWWW' Parade To The 2013 Teen Choice Awards (PHOTO)

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are so cute we could puke.

We're about to puke from cute.

At this point, we're used to puking/being crazy jealous of Kevin and Danielle Jonas. (Also, #Kevielle? What do we think?) Over the months, we've seen the "Married To Jonas" costars smooch while in a deep PDA-induced haze, take professional-grade backstage selfies, look chic at NYC Fashion Week, and simply exist as the impossibly attractive people they are. And yesterday's Kevin-and-Danielle pose-a-thon at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards is no exception. Well, except for one tiny difference -- THIS TIME DANIELLE IS PREGNANT! As in, pregnant with a mini-Jonas! We can't.

Danielle and her "First Time" singer hubby were snapped on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet, where Danielle debuted her barely there baby bump. (Seriously, her stomach looks as taught and as firm as ever!) That said, judging by the way Kev -- eyes fully closed, mind you -- appears to be whispering sweet nothings into Danielle's forehead/ear, you can definitely tell he's more enamored with his baby mama than ever. Anyway, we'll stop talking now so Kev and Danielle can get to their prenatal planning. But one last thing: Don't forget to book your Blue Ivy playdate well in advance, guys! It's the first logical step toward responsible celebrity parenting.

Photo credit: Getty Images