Watch Katy Perry's 'Roar' Lyric Video!

Watch Katy Perry's new lyric video for "Roar" featuring emojis!

Katy Perry cleverly belts out "Roar" entirely in Emoji characters.

After the longest two weeks out of every KatyCat's nine lives, Katy Perry finally released "Roar," her first single since 2012's "Wide Awake" and the lead track off of her upcoming album Prism (due Oct. 22). Thank gawwwwwd, 'cause we don't know how many more teaser videos we could take!! While we've still got a while to go before the song gets the proper music video treatment (or do we?? #unclear), we've at least gotten our hands on an accompanying lyric video that conveys the song entirely in those ah-mazing Japanese emoticons called "Emojis." No offense to the guy responsible for the Moby Dick-inspired Emoji Dick, but this clip may just be the pinnacle of Emoji-based artistic expression.

Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" lyric video after the jump.

Though the video depicts Katy's morning routine from wake-up to studio time, producer/directors Joe Humpay, Aya Tanimura, Tim Zimmer, and Tuan Quoc Le tell this story entirely through text messages. This fits "Roar," since the song is basically the ultimate pump-up jam. Bleary-eyed and barely mobile, what better to motivate you to get outta bed than lyrics like, "I've got the eye of the tiger"? The only time the perspective shifts away from the "Smurfs 2" star's phone and into real life are when she's doing super mundane things, like sitting on the toilet, eating breakfast (don't worry, two separate shots), working out, sitting in the car, and arriving at the studio to record. Sometimes you just wanna feel like a champion, even when you're mere minutes into a reluctant elliptical sesh (#MakeItStop), and this lyric video totally taps into that. Love it.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" lyric video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records

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