Katy Perry Visits The Studio In Her Latest 'Roar' Teaser! Watch All 4 Now! (VIDEOS)

Watch Katy Perry's fourth "Roar" teaser.

Katy Perry's released ANOTHER "Roar" teaser... Let's recap them all!

As the clock ticks down to Katy Perry's "Roar" single release (Aug. 12!) and her Prism album release (Oct 22!), we've been more or less bombarded with a billion vague, cat-themed teasers (well, technically four teasers). Not that we're ungrateful -- we cannot WAIT to hear Katy's new song in full, and we are totally OK with her ongoing promo approach. And now that she's unleashed yet another teaser, we thought, hey, instead of talking about just ONE teaser, why not recap all of them? It'll be like a narrative! Or a series of short films! Like in college! Where the eff is my copy of "La Jetée"?!

Teaser No. 1: Wigging Out: In her first "Roar" teaser, Katy Perry emulates a "phoenix rising from the fire" (or some such) by literally going pyro and burning a blue wig. Like, think feminist-era bra-burning, but instead of bras or American flags (or, if you're feeling all "Fahrenheit 451": books), it's a sapphire-colored hairpiece. Katy's turned a corner! No more candy-coated costumes or multicolored mermaid hair -- in her "Roar" era, Katy's going au naturel.

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Teaser No. 2.: Six Feet Under: Aaaaand just when we thought Katy had successfully proven a #dark point by getting all "Firestarter" on her former self, she takes things to a deeper level -- literally. In her second "Roar" teaser, Katy holds a funeral for her "California Gurls" era, complete with a flower-draped coffin, mourning friends and family, and all-black everything. Remember her old spinning peppermint-themed dress (among other candy-themed costumes?) Well, Katy's laying that thing to rest -- permanently. And quite frankly, she looks pretty damn pleased at the prospect.

Teaser No. 3: The Cat's Meow: Katy stays out of the picture in her third teaser, "From A Meow To A Roar" (no one's mourning or burning anything), but she does opt to feature a fluffy Persian cat who, uh, does all the "talking" for her. Wandering into a plush-looking living room, said fluffy cat jumps up on a couch with a soft mew (#HayCatPeople), scarfs down a dark bird feather-thing, then -- BAM -- it roars. Cue approximately five seconds of "Roar."

Teaser No. 4: Studio Time: Whew! Are you still breathing? Well, thank God it's Friday, because frankly we cannot take any more "Roar" teasers. Fortunately for us exhausted KatyCats, (we think?) this is the last one, and not only does it feature Katy, but we get to hear one final snippet of her forthcoming single.

In her "Satin Cape" teaser, Katy saunters into the recording studio wearing a Lisa Frank-y "Pink Ladies"-esque jacket (just like in her "Roar" album art) with a tiger embroidered on the back. As she puts a pair of headphones on, Katy holds our gaze and almost starts to sing... then EVERYTHING FADES TO BLACK. Wait, just... what? Did we pass out in front of "The Sopranos" again? That's not an ending!! OK, FINE. At least we have 10 more seconds of "Roar." Time to spend the weekend playing "cut-and-paste" on ProTools!

+ Watch Katy Perry's latest "Roar" teaser.

Photo credit: Capitol Records