Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Mimics His Dog, But We THINK We Can Tell Them Apart? (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas posted this shirtless puppy photo, and we are dying!

Joe Jonas looks EXACTLY like his dog! Except, you know, less furry and much more handsome.

You know how they say that after a while dogs and their masters start to look alike? Well, it's totally happening in this photo of the Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas and his pup -- NAILED IT! But seriously, where did the "First Time" singer even find his dog? In a cartoon?? We can't EVEN with those bulging eyes and that li'l bb fang sticking out! This pupper's (named Lola, #awww) expression looks exactly like mine when I hear that someone's brought donuts into the office and there's only one left. So basically, this dog is my spirit animal.

Since we already know that Joe's a big-time dog lover, it's not surprising that he would momentarily ignore his human guests to snap this sweeter-than-chugging-industrial-size-Pixy-Stix selfie. Seriously, though, this picture is giving us two GIGANTIC doses of happy -- one from Joe's canine mimicry, and the other from the fact that this image includes TWO JONAS BROTHERS WITH THEIR SHIRTS OFF. (That's you in the back, right, Kevin?) If only we had a shirtless pic of Nick... OH WAIT, WE DO. Guh, puppies and hot bros with no shirts on, when does that calendar come out!?

Photo credit: @adamjosephj