Buzzworthy Obsession: Elektrik People, 'I Love My Life'

We're obsessed with Elektrik People's "I Love My Life" video.

We're obsessed with Elektrik People's "I Love My Life," and you should definitely be too.

Meet L.A.-based electro-poppers Elektrik People. Known to their moms as Evan Robinson, Reid Curby, and Svend Lerche, the boys are still what you might call "under the radar," but we're doing our best to change that, specifically by expressing our IMMENSE OBSESSION with the band's atmospheric, dreamy, swirling, glittery song "I Love My Life." Like, imagine if Phoenix, Ellie Goulding, and a pack of rhinestones had a love child who morphed into the perfect electro-pop record, and you'd get something kinda close to "I Love My Life."

Watch Elektrik People's "I Love My Life" video after the jump.

Featured in the "Hemlock Grove" season finale (that's an American horror thriller television series for Netflix, FYI), "I Love My Life" also comes equipped with a video starring resident cool/pretty/model girl Hannah Beth. In the slow-mo clip, Hannah hits up the club and basically lives her best life by spending the night swaying in a gorgeous sequined dress as Elektrik People's lush melody plays in the background. There's also a lot of drinking and smiling, which kinda seems like what you're supposed to do while listening to this song, anyway.

While "I Love My Life" might be our favorite Elektrik People cut, you can check out plenty of other songs via the boys' SoundCloud page, which features dark and angsty tracks like the '80s-influenced "Make Me A Bird" and the soaring "Get Paid." Moral of the story? Keep a close eye on these bros! We can totally see them being the next too-cool-for-school indie obsession, like, tomorrow. Also, can you believe we got through this entire post without mentioning how handsome and brooding ALL THREE guys are? I mean, can anyone say "CHISELED JAWLINES"?

Watch Elektrik People's "I Love My Life" video.

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