Justin Timberlake Will Perform At The VMAs + Receive The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! Let’s Look Back At Justin’s 13 Best VMA Moments! (PHOTOS)

Justin Timberlake will take the VMA stage this year!

Slick back your hair and ready your suit and tie, because it is official — Justin Timberlake will perform at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards! And the crowd goes WILD!!!! (WE ARE ALL THE CROWD, FYI.) But that’s not all! The legendary music icon in the making and world-renowned dapper guy will also be honored with the award show’s iconic Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, arguably the night’s most prestigious Moonman that’s been given to the likes of Michael Jackson (its King of Pop namesake), Janet Jackson, and Madonna (Ciccone, not Jackson), and hasn’t been awarded to anyone since Britney Spears in 2011.

OBVIOUSLY we are freaking out, but honestly? We’re not that surprised! Like, the guy is currently TIED with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for the most VMA nominations this go-around (six each!) thanks to his show-stopping clips for “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay Z and “Mirrors.” And between his phenomenal album, The 20/20 Experience, and upcoming “Take Back The Night”-led part 2 disc, this has truly been Justin’s year! Like, honestly, if you really wanna blow the roof off of your 2013 awards show ceremony, who ya gonna call?

That’s right.

Let’s celebrate the big news with a look back at Justin Timberlake’s 13 Best VMA Moments after the jump.

1.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE WINS 4 MOONMEN AND PERFORMS WITH TIMBALAND AND NELLY FURTADO, 2007: This live set of “LoveStoned” and “Give It To Me” was part of a larger medley honoring Timbaland’s work as a musician and producer, which also featured Keri Hilson and Sebastian. Timbaland was basically the Mike WiLL Made It of 2005-7, making The Pussycat Dolls grind instead of Miley Cyrus twerk.

2.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND TIMBALAND PERFORM, 2006: The dynamic duo unleashed a live medley of “My Love” and “SexyBack,” which, by the way, was the JAM. We are not kidding when we say that JT and Timb literally brought sexy back in the summer of ’06. FACT. OB-JEC-TIVE FACT.

3.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE HANGS WITH BEYONCE AND T.I. ON THE RED CARPET, 2006: Why? Because when you’re Justin Timberlake, you get to hang out with Beyoncé and T.I. on red carpets. Duh.

4.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE GETS DAPS FROM 50 CENT, 2003: Hey, when you win three Moonmen in one night (two for “Cry Me A River,” 1 for “Rock Your Body”), even 50 Cent has to give it up. Hell, even notorious pop-hater Eminem threw in a congratulatory golf clap.

5.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE THROWS EPIC SIDE-EYE, 2003:  How would you feel if Madonna just made out with your ex-girlfriend in front of millions of people? Well, Justin feels… iffy. Behind him, Mary J. Blige feels Justin’s pain, and Carson Kressley feels like he can get a better view overrrr HERE.

6.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE DEBUTS “LIKE I LOVE YOU,” 2002: With his debut performance without *NSYNC, the former boyband-er proved that he has what it takes to make it as a solo artist. JT also made his entrance by stepping out of a giant boom box. IDK, we just think that’s neat!

7.) CLIPSE JOINS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ON STAGE, 2002: Just when you thought his “Like I Love You” performance couldn’t get any better… IT DID.

8.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S MOM JOINS HIM IN THE AUDIENCE, 2002: SO cute. We die. Remember: The best boys treat their mamas right!

9.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND *NSYNC WIN BIG, 2001: Their music video for “Pop” won four Moonmen that night! They snagged Best Group Video, Best Pop Video, Viewer’s Choice, and Best Joey Fatone In A Supporting Role. JK, the last one was for Best Dance Video.

10.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SLAYS THE POP GAME, 2001: The message of *NSYNC’s “Pop” was twofold: 1) Pop music is awesome and here to stay, and 2) Haters to the left. Their live performance at the 2001 VMAs added another layer: LOOK AT THIS SHIRT. We think it says “Nasty.” Obsessed.

11.) MICHAEL JACKSON JOINS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND *NSYNC ON STAGE, 2001: Emerging from behind a life-size Etch A Sketch silhouette, MJ proved that he was still the King of Pop at the 2001 VMAs. #BowDown. Also? We’re betting that Michael would’ve felt extremely proud of Justin for receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year. I mean, just look at that form — can you tell where Justin gets his moves? (HINT: “Billie Jean” 4ever.)

12.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE POSES WITH THEN-GIRLFRIEND BRITNEY SPEARS, 2000: Frosted tips possibly produced via Sun-In? Check. Fluffy turtleneck? Check. Casually crimped hair? Check. Choker? Check. Good evening, America, this is “Puppy Love: Y2K.”

13.) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE MAKES HIS VMA PERFORMANCE DEBUT, 1999: At the end of Britney’s “…Baby One More Time,” she stopped the music to address the audience: “Right now I’d like to introduce to you some friends of mine.” And introduce to us some friends she did (after a bizarrely placed minute-long dance break). *NSYNC then took the stage to sing “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” establishing a now 14-year legacy of ah-mazing live Justin performances at the Video Music Awards. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this time!


Photo credit: MTV, Getty/ GIFs: lathewong.tumblr.com, TKTKSECOND GIF SOURCE

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