Star Spotting: HEY, Macklemore!? Nope, More Like 'Mackle' Jackson! (PHOTO)

 Macklemore Instagrams his Michael Jackson impression.

Macklemore's going in for the Michael Jackson selfie!

Macklemore might be joking when he raps about thrifting through R. Kelly's, errr, unkempt bed sheets in "Thrift Shop" (#grossssss), but this photo basically proves that he wasn't kidding about LIVING for poppin' tags off vintage relics! Based on the above Instagram pic, captioned, "#macklejackson," we're assuming Mack's goal was to channel the late, great Michael Jackson! (Mock-military jacket FTW, but we're not so sure about those '60s-esque fringed pants.) Either that, or he wanted to show off his clever wordplay with an ON POINT hashtag. (Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw, but you've just been out-punned FOREVER.)

The "Same Love" singer may have also documented his Jackson-era outfit because he's just like us and needs some digital fashion feedback before the 2013 MTV VMAs! Obviously Macklemore wants to look as stylish as possible for the big night -- dude is nominated for SIX awards, after all. (Fun fact: That's the same amount of Moonmen Justin Timberlake is nominated for!) Sure, Mac's already made VMA history by being the first independent artist to DOMINATE, but we really can't think of a better way for him to continue his winning streak than by getting all done up like the King Of Pop at the VMAs. The only thing we want now is for Macklemore to do a solid crotch grab if/when he walks onstage to accept a Kaws Moonman. (Go big or go home, MMMkay?)

Photo credit: @macklemore

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