Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Rides A Segway, Proves He Can Make ANYTHING Look Cool (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber rides a segway in this Instagram photo.

Justin Bieber scoots around on a... Segway!?

You know how when you see some rando jetting through the mall on a Segway, your immediate response is "LAME"? (Think: Every Gob-related scene on "Arrested Development" ever.) Well, apparently the electronic two-wheeler can add a modicum of swagger to its name thanks to Justin Bieber, who rode one backstage at a recent concert. It makes sense -- pop stars are just too busy to walk! And besides, it's not like he owns some other motorized vehicle that's soooooo much cooler than a Segway. Oh, wait, he's got a Batmobile. OK, but after that? Hmm, probably the Bat Bike. FINE, but then after that!? A Segway, obvs!

The "Believe"-touring singer shared the photo of his latest mode of transportation on Instagram, calling his buddy Ryan Butler a "creeper" in the caption. (Shout-out to Ryan's excellent photo-bombing skillz!) Anyway, we can't be that shocked over Bieber's chosen mode of transportation -- this ain't his first time at the Segway rodeo. (Please let there be Segway rodeos.) What we ARE surprised (and EXTREMELY disappointed) at, however, is that the Biebs isn't shirtless! Doesn't he understand that we've officially come to expect him to do everything in life while topless?! Plus, riding a Segway shirtless would have been at least as cool as riding a motorcycle fully clothed... definitely cooler than rollerblading while wearing his homeland's traditional uniform (an all-denim "Canadian tuxedo").

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram

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