Rihanna Might Need A Grill Intervention! (PHOTO)

Check out Rihanna's new gold grill.

Forget shining bright like a diamond -- Rihanna's glittering in a new gold grill!

We know the show "Intervention" was canceled, but is there any chance we could revive it for a special celebrity edition starring Rihanna? It looks like girl has a grill addiction and needs help STAT! Sure, it's OK to rock mouth bling for special occasions: Ri's got a grill for dinner engagements, one for when she wants to blind fans with her karats, and now one that kinda looks like an abstract harpoon gun -- you know, for when she twerks on a boat goes whale watching! But when is enough ENOUGH?! At what point does grill-wearing go from an innocent passion to a full-on obsession?! WHEN HAS IT ALL GONE TOO FAR!??!?! (Sorry, I'm flashing back to my onetime Beanie Babies obsession/intervention. It was a dark time in my life.)

The diamond-wearing singer shared the photo of her flashy new accessory on Instagram along with the caption, "She + AK." Basically, this photo is just another friendly reminder of Rihanna's IDGAF attitude, not to mention a big ol' "I DON'T CARE" to the dentists that say grills are bad for your teeth. Sooo with that in mind, we might as well encourage Rihanna's grill obsession and suggest that she gets a custom one made to resemble the newly revamped KAWS Moonman! She could wear it at the MTV VMAs! That way, whether or not she wins the "Best Female Video" award, she still has a sparkly keepsake to add to her ever-growing collection. Ri wins either way!

Photo credit: @badgalriri