Beyonce Biked Over The Brooklyn Bridge To Her Barclays Center Show, Is Secretly Normal (PHOTO)

Beyonce bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge incognito to her last show at Barclays Center!

Beyoncé somehow managed to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge without getting noticed!

If someone asked us what mode of transportation Beyoncé utilized to get to her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" stop in Brooklyn on Monday, we'd probably guess She-Ra's trusty Pegasus-meets-unicorn Swift Wind -- and we'd be wrong! Turns out the superstar traversed the Brooklyn Bridge ON A BICYCLE all the way to Barclays Center! Apparently, all Bey has to do to avoid getting noticed is wear a hat and sunglasses (along with a Harry Styles-approved American flag-print T-shirt)! That's, like, barely a step up from Superman's mind-blowingly see-through Clark Kent disguise (aka GLASSES). C'mon, New Yorkers, how did you not see Beyoncé the superhero zooming past you on two wheels?!

The artist formerly known as Sasha Fierce Instagrammed the above photo yesterday, captioning the image, "I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!" But the bigger surprise on Monday night came when B's husband (and BK native) Jay Z joined his wife onstage for a special live "Bow Down"/"Tom Ford" remix! Ack! So cute. But we have to wonder: Do you think Bey and Jay are teasing some special red-carpet arrival at the (also hosted at Barclays) 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?! Beyoncé is nominated for Best Video With A Social Message. How better to live up to the nom than to make an entrance by going green on two wheels?

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Instagram