Star Spotting: Harry Styles Rocks A Grill + American Flag. We Think We Pledge Allegiance?? (PHOTO)

Harry Styles wears an american flag bandana and gold grills!

Harry Styles rocked an American Flag bandana and a grill. INTERESTING. 

See that photo of One Direction's Harry Styles rocking an AMERICAN FLAG bandanna/headband and a vaguely ill-fitting gold grill? Well, in my opinion, grills (the mouth kind) have always been a bit of a controversial subject. On the one hand, I can toooootally identify with the impulse to bedazzle and crystal-encrust anything and everything (I literally bought this phone for no other reason than because I loved it), but then there are some instances when grills are just like, #NO (we're looking at you, Ryan Lochte at the Olympic Medal Ceremony). UGH, we are at, like, Natalie Imbruglia levels of "TORN" right now.

Calvin Aurand, a producer and photographer who's worked with 1D, Instagrammed the above photo of the "Best Song Ever" singer rocking his patriotic headgear and grill along with the cheeky caption, "Didn't get to BBQ tonight but were still grilling." And truthfully, we're still vacillating on whether we approve of Harry's new look, but we're kinda leaning toward acceptance. It's like, maybe the British GQ cover boy just felt the same way Rihanna did when she werqued a grill to dinner simply because she felt like chewing her meal with diamonds. We guess as long as there's no permanent damage to your bicuspids, Harry, you just go ahead and do you.

Photo credit: Calaurand's Instagram