New Video: Deap Vally, 'Bad For My Body'

Watch Deap Vally's "Bad For My Body" video.

Deap Vally throw caution to the wind in their gritty "Bad For My Body" video.

I think we're all familiar with that feeling of "ughhhh, why did I do that / eat that / buy that / sleep with that?" We're human -- it happens. Then we move on with our lives and try really, really, really hard to forget about whatever "that" was. Well, not Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, aka L.A. garage rockers Deap Vally. They're all about "doing things that are bad for my body," whether it involves mucking up their health, future, credit, because, well, "they can't help themselves." But you know something? Bad credit never looked so good in the duo's latest music video.

Watch Deap Vally's "Bad For My Body" video after the jump.

Directed by Jess Holzworth, "Bad For My Body" (off of the duo's forthcoming Sistrionix) is an energetic montage that could easily be the rock 'n' roll equivalent to Taylor Swift's "22." Oh, sorry, is it sacrilegious to say that? Am I gonna get knifed? Well, whatever, it's sort of true! Ignoring the fact that "Bad For My Body" is as retro-camcorder-fuzzy as it gets (think: MTV's '80s promos), the video features Troy and Edwards doing a lot of IDGAF things like hard-rocking out with their bangs all awry, jumping around in a field, applying makeup, spending time with their cat, taking road trips, playing by the ocean, and just generally living like they're gonna die young. Health be damned! (But I won't say the "T" word again.)

Check out "Bad For My Body" below, and look out for Deap Vally's Sistrionix LP when it drops this October.

+ Watch Deap Vally's "Bad For My Body" video.

Photo credit: Island Records / @deapvally