Austin Mahone Shows Off His New Bling In A Cheek-Pinchingly Cute Selfie (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone is still the king of selfies!

Austin Mahone shows off his selfie talents again -- this time with extra bling!

Can we FINALLY crown Austin Mahone the King of Selfies already? Da da da daaaaaaaa (sorry, that's our best "announcing royalty" trumpet imitation): All hail Austin, Ruler Of The Photographic Art! Er, but on the other hand, Austin did leave out one MAY-JOR tip during his recent how-to selfie session: He forgot to mention how to make your cheeks look so adorbz, people will want to pinch them for days! Is there are precise mathematical angle you should tilt your head to get Austin's pinchable perfection?! Maybe there's a filter we should know about?! (Seriously, don't Austin's cheeks make you wanna do THIS to him FOREVER?!?)

The "What About Love" singer shared his photo on Instagram along with the caption, "Just made the best purchase of my life!!!!" Judging by the GIGANTIC bling chilling on his ear, we're assuming Austin's not talking about life insurance. And while we were temporarily blinded by that diamond, we are still fascinated by Austin's facial expression -- he looks so deep in thought! Hey, maybe he's contemplating what he'll say for his potential first-ever VMA acceptance speech? Don't stress it, Austin! If you get too verklempt in the moment, just pinch your cheeks! And if that doesn't work -- shine the glare from that diamond right into the crowd's eyes and make a run for it! J/K! (But no, seriously, is that thing a bazillion karats?)

Photo credit: @austinmahone