New Song: Drake, 'Hold On We're Going Home'

Listen to Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home."

Drake trades in hip-hop for straight-up pop in his brand-new jam, "Hold On We're Going Home."

Since 2009 or so, we've grown accustomed to watching Drake do tough-guy things like make it rain in da club, spit verses on hits like "Headlines" and "Make Me Proud," and even take shots out of his Grammy award. But let us not forget that Drake is also kind of a sensitive soul who is fully capable of singing look-at-my-softer-side pop songs. Like, really, really good, not-cheesy pop songs. (Oh, and acting. Don't forget about acting! #LongLiveDegrassi.) That said, after releasing a handful of hard-nosed hip-hop tracks ("Started From The Bottom," "All Me"), Drake has just unleashed a brand-new, very un-Drake-like pop track called "Hold On We're Going Home."

Listen to "Hold On We're Going Home" after the jump.

Slated to appear on the upcoming Nothing Was The Same (out Sept. 17), "Hold On We're Going Home" kicks off with an engaging set of danceable drum machines and echoing '80s-esque synths before Drake jumps in to sing about a girl who's got him feeling all out of control (but in a good way). "I got my eyes on you/ You're everything that I see/ I want your high love and emotion endlessly/ I can't get over you/ You left your mark on me." Whew... is it hot in here? Anyone got a cold shower they don't mind my borrowing? Between Drake's unusually sensitive lyrics and his borderline Eddie Murphy "Party All The Time"-era vibe (but don't worry -- said vibe is really more Michael Jackson), we're definitely starting to schvitz. Sensitive Drake ALL THE TIME, PLEASE.

+ Listen to Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home."

Photo credit: OVO