New Video: Thirty Seconds To Mars, 'Do Or Die'

Watch 30 Seconds To Mars' "Do Or Die" video.

Thirty Seconds To Mars pay heartfelt homage to their fans in their "Do Or Die" video.

After watching Thirty Seconds To Mars talk about sex (baby) and battle the elements in their truly epic "Conquistador" lyric video, it is with GREAT pleasure that we announce Thirty Seconds To Mars' brand-new "Do Or Die" video, which is also the band's follow-up to their "Up In The Air" video, which was nominated for three VMAs including Best Rock Video. And just as you've come to expect from the trio, "Do Or Die," which clocks in at a whopping seven minutes, leaves no visual stone left unturned.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Do Or Die" video after the jump.

The second single from their album, Love, Lust, Faith And Dreams album, "Do Or Die" chronicles the band's backstage and onstage antics as they work to break a world record for the number of live shows (300!) performed during a single album cycle. This new clip is basically a love letter to the Echelon, and the explosive exchange of energy that takes place whenever they perform for them. Also to Leto's piercing blue eyes. And flowing hair. And... oh, right, we're back!

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' new video for "Do Or Die."

The love between Thirty Seconds To Mars and their fans is STRONG.

Filmed live abroad in Europe, the Jared Leto, er, Bartholomew Cubbins-directed clip opens on a young man describing the pain of his father's unexpected death, how he dealt with the loss, how he continues to do so, and the role that music has played throughout the entire grieving process. More confessionals are added to the mix, claiming that music is everything from a drug to the reason why they're even alive. Then, the video cuts to high-quality live performance footage, only occasionally swapping in scenes of the band helming a gigantic sailing ship. (Unless that's the tour bus...?)

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' new video "Do Or Die."

Thirty Seconds To Mars are really pirates? We believe it.

Additional interviewees interject at a few more key points in the video, declaring everything form "I believe in music -- it's everything to me" to "the one thing that has never left me is music." Throughout cancer scares, divorce, job loss, death, and nearly anything else you could think of, music has helped these individuals persevere and continue to enjoy life. Likewise, Thirty Seconds To Mars seem so moved by the audience's emotions every time they perform live, "Do Or Die"'s concept seems to be that they want to return the favor.

GAH, this is so sweet. #ASingleTragicTearDrop. Oh, and did we mention that the band's NEXT VIDEO, "City Of Angels," is supposed to surface very, VERY soon?!?! #ALLTHETEARS

+ Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Do Or Die" video.

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