Star Spotting: Rihanna Wore Diamonds And ONLY Diamonds For Barbados' Annual Crop Over Festival (NSFW) (PHOTOS)

Rihanna twerks in a bejeweled bikini at the annual Crop Over festival in Barbados.

Is that Rihanna or a bejeweled angel? WE CAN'T TELL!

Is that Rihanna? Or a bejeweled bikini-wearing angel? Because we honestly CANNOT tell! Fine, RiRi's prominent Isis tat does alert us to the fact that it's actually the "Pour It Up" singer and NOT some diamond-encrusted deity who fell to Earth to grace us with her toned abs and presumably unlimited supply of Swarovski crystals. That said, the above photo of Rihanna at the Crop Over Festival in her native Barbados is, as you can plainly see, on ANOTHER level of perfection.

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Barbados' annual Crop Over Festival originated as a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, but it has since evolved into the island's biggest national festival, so, duh, our favorite Bajan casual boat-twerker was obviously gonna be on hand to celebrate. And she wasn't the only Fenty on the scene -- Rihanna's adorable grandfather made a cameo as well, about which Ri captioned: "Look who was pon de road yesterday! My grandfather Bravo!!! The whole family was out to all! #Heauxm #Culture #Tradition #CropOva #Family #BIM #Barbados." Loving Rihanna's family-oriented side right now! AND the fact that she's basically half-naked while hugging her grandparent legit does not even phase us at this point -- we're pretty used to it.

Rihanna goes all out for Barbados' annual Crop Over Festival.

Rihanna hugs her grandfather Bravo at Barbados' annual Crop Over Festival.

Rihanna celebrates at Barbados' annual Crop Over festival.

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