Supervideo Premiere: M83, 'Claudia Lewis' Starring Lily Collins, Israel Broussard + Ashley Rickards

Watch M83's new supervideo for Claudia Lewis stars Lily Collins, Ashley Rickards, and Israel Broussard, and is directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Lily Collins stars in this futuristic throwback Supervideo set to M83's "Claudia Lewis."

Hey, look! MTV's series of narrative-driven, star-studded "Supervideos" are BACK! Set to French synthpop band M83's frenetically ambient "Claudia Lewis," this latest clip stars Lily Collins ("The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones," "Mirror Mirror"), Israel Broussard ("The Bling Ring"), and Ashley Rickards ("Awkward."), and is directed by none other than Bryce Dallas Howard ("The Help," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"). Graghhhh, this big name-filled vid is basically, like, watching "Hollywood Squares: Relevant To My Interests Edition"!!!!

Watch M83's "Claudia Lewis" Supervideo after the jump.

Equal parts haunting and frenetic, the Bryce Dallas Howard-directed "Claudia Lewis" clip opens as our alien heroine (Collins) is beamed down to one of Earth's many poorly maintained parking lots in a blast of blinding light. She begins to learn about life on this planet via the best microcosm for humanity around: high school. Caught between lusty teens macking it in the halls and the tragic breakup of another couple (one of whom's played by a mascara-stained Rickards), the blue-haired being is rescued from the madness by a cutie who invites her to a bonfire (Broussard). According to our extensive research ("The O.C."), this is how every day of West Coast high school ends.

Then, things take a turn for the... bizarre? Yeah, pretty bizarre. We don't wanna spoil it, but let's just say that even though the ending is insanely sci-fi, it totally captures that out-of-place-until-you-finally-find-it undercurrent that runs through every high-school experience. The coupling of this song with this setting is so brilliant on Howard's part, since "Claudia Lewis" could easily belong on the soundtrack to any of John Hughes' iconic mid-'80s teen epics. Maybe "16 Spacetime Candles," or "Pretty In [COLOR NOT DETECTED ON VISIBLE LIGHT SPECTRUM]." Check it out.

+ Watch M83's "Claudia Lewis" Supervideo.

Photo credit: Mute