New Video: Big Time Rush, 'We Are'

Watch Big Time Rush's "We Are" video.

Watch Big Time Rush perform to throngs of BTR Stans in their "We Are" video.

Thanks to perfectly polished pop jams like "Confetti Falling" and "24/seven," Big Time Rush's new album, also called 24/seven, debuted at No. 4 debut on the Billboard 200 chart when it dropped last month. Now, please feel free to add the boys' new song, "We Are," to the list of reasons why the Nickelodeon stars are, you know, getting FAMOUS X1000.

Watch Big Time Rush's "We Are" video after the jump.

Filmed as a straightforward "performance montage" video, "We Are" features Big Time Rush taking the stage to perform to throngs of crazed fans (which actually kinda reminds us of that one time we went to a One Direction concert!). The boys, decked in super-coordinated red outfits, put on an energetic show and interact with the crowd, half of whom are waving signs that presumably say things like, "MARRY ME RIGHT THIS SECOND, JAMES." And when they're not performing, the foursome do "adorable boy things" backstage -- like, have a silly string fight, which, contrary to popular belief, still looks exceptionally fun after the age of 9.

+ Watch Big Time Rush's "We Are" video.

Photo credit: Columbia