Star Spotting: Justin Bieber And His Sun Hat Are Having A Better Summer Than You (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber rocks his abs and a sun hat on the beach

Justin Bieber slays the sun-protection game in a straw hat!

First, SHOCKING SPOILER ALERT: This post is NOT gonna be about Justin Bieber's "perfectly toasted" abs glistening in the sunlight. Nope, our focus is on what Justin's wearing ABOVE his rock-hard abdominal region -- and that would be a BALLER sun hat! Truth be told, I basically burn like a piece of toast when I hit the beach, so I'm a little TOO familiar with the embarrassing (but necessary) move of rocking a straw hat. But, now that the perpetually shirtless JB is werquing the headpiece, we're thinking that maybe the whole "straw hat" family should get a second shot at acceptability?

Somewhere between D.C. and South Carolina, the "Right Here" singer took a 24-hour break from his "Believe" Tour to soak up some rays. He captioned the Instagram photo: "1day vacay." Yeah, that vacay might only be one day, but one hour in the sun can set you back YEARS in both the wrinkle and Botox departments. So good on you, Biebs, for protecting that precious punim! Anyway, it probably doesn't matter what the eff Justin is wearing as long as it's not a shirt. Or a gas mask...

 Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram