Buzz Bites (8/5/13): Britney Spears Shares Her 'Album 8 Recipe' On Facebook

Britney Spears shared her "Album 8 Recipe" on Facebook.

Britney Spears revealed her homestyle "Album 8 Recipe."

+ Britney Spears posted her homemade "Album 8 Recipe" on Facebook this past Saturday. So what exactly constitutes her next disc's list of ingredients? Why, a dash of "sweet '...Baby,'" a pinch of "not that innocent 'Oops!,'" and some "powerful 'Femme Fatale'" (to taste) among others. (Britney Spears' Facebook)

+ Watch Miley Cyrus share an audio teaser of her forthcoming single, "Wrecking Ball," with a select group of female fans. "It's more of a slow jam," Miley shares in the video. "This song's called 'Wrecking Ball.' It was produced by Dr. Luke, who does, like, everything," (Just Jared Jr.)

+ Check out Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" performance art film, which depicts the acclaimed rapper going toe-to-toe on the Magna Carta... Holy Grail track with a variety of fans and famous people. The Mark Romanek-directed video premiered last Friday on HBO. (MTV News)

Katy Perry has been dropping lots of awesome Prism news lately, like the teaser video for the lead single "Roar" and, um, that GIANT GOLD TRUCK. Continuing this streak, she released a new promotional photo for Prism over the weekend, confirming the Oct. 22 release date. (Idolator)

+ See Big Time Rush's new video for "We Are." The clip features live performance footage along with behind-the-scenes film and photos. (Just Jared Jr.)

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