Miley Cyrus Heats Up Big Sean's Sexy 'Fire' Video, And Now We Need A Long Shower (NSFW)

Miley Cyrus stars in Big Sean's new video "Fire," and she looks GOOD.

Miley Cyrus sizzles in Big Sean's new "Fire" video.

Now that Big Sean's upcoming sophomore studio effort, Hall Of Fame, finally has a set release date (Aug. 27) -- it's literally been pushed back four times since its initial December 2012 release date -- the rapper proves that he's really ready this time by releasing a music video for "Fire." The briskly paced track details the many "fires" he's been through, comparing who he was then to who he is now. And who better to sum all that up than the vid's star... Miley Cyrus? Or, maybe we should say: Miley Cyrus 2.0?

Watch Big Sean's "Fire" video featuring Miley Cyrus after the jump.

That's right, the little engine that could (twerk) is ready for her close-up in the entire Matthew Williams and Jack Heller-directed clip (minus two quick shots of Big Sean and a couple abstract shots of, like, fire and shattering roses). It makes sense, though, if you view fire not as a source of destruction, but as one of rebirth -- like a phoenix rising from the ashes. And if you compare this Throwback Thursday photo Miley recently tweeted to the "We Can't Stop (Director's Cut)" singer we know now, well... girlfriend's been "reborn," to say the least.

We love the track, too, because it really eschews the phoned-in "eight-bar verse, one-word repeated chorus, eight-bar verse, one-word repeated chorus" framework that's (unfortunately) all too common in a lot of mainstream rap. It also goes without saying that we love-LOVE the video, which reminds us of Beyoncé's shimmering "1+1" and George Michael's "Freedom! '90!", in which the old-school idol used top supermodels as his stand-ins. Overall, we just straight-up LOVE Big Sean's video. Keep 'em comin'.

+ Watch Big Sean's "Fire" video featuring Miley Cyrus (NSFW).

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