Katy Perry Teases Her First 'Prism' Single, 'Roar,' By Burning Her Blue Wig. Wait... WHAT?! (VIDEO)

Katy Perry announces her first single off of Prism, Roar, and its release date in this brand new teaser video.

Katy Perry's "Roar" promo plan? Pyromania.

Attention solo diva pop fans: ISH IS OFFICIALLY GETTING REAL. After what's felt like a year of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé playing a game of New Album Chicken with each other (Gaga finally threw down the gauntlet three weeks ago with her first official ARTPOP release announcement and Bey may or may not be releasing a fifth studio album), I had quietly come to terms with the fact that, despite prior evidence indicating otherwise, only one woman would be ruling the pop game this fall.

But, LO! Katy Perry has (literally) zoomed up outta NOWHERE, first announcing her upcoming album, Prism, on Monday via a GIANT GOLD-PLATED TRUCK, and now with this teaser video for the lead single, "Roar." It's happening. It's all happening. #GameChange #GAME #DEEPBREATH #CHANGE

Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" teaser video after the jump.

Anyway, here's what we know about "Roar" from watching the "Burning Baby Blue" video: 1) It is called "Roar." I know, I know, sew Nancy Drew over here. 2) The single will be released on Aug. 12. I dunno if she means the single, or the single and the video (à la Gaga and "Applause"), but either way the 12th is SOMETHING. 3) The font is all tiger-striped. #KatyCat reference?!

And finally, If I know my George Michael (and uh, I KNOW MY GEORGE MICHAEL, especially his "baptism through fire" symbolism in the "Freedom! '90" video), Katy's burning of the blue "California Gurls" wig mayyyy just indicate that she's symbolically letting go of all her pastry bustier/mermaid hair gimmicks. No clue what she'll replace 'em with, but this "scorched earth" move has me brimming with anticipation.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" teaser video.

Photo credit: Capitol