Austin Mahone Furthers His World Domination With A Young Hollywood Award! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone won a Young Hollywood Award!

Austin Mahone won a Young Hollywood Award award for "Biggest Breakout Star"!

OK, everyone, get ready to start using #AustinFTW on the daily, because Austin Mahone is (and always will be) DOMINATING. Not only is the pop singer BFFing with A-listers like it's NBD and proudly owning his 2013 MTV VMA nomination, but the bro also just took home the "Biggest Breakout Star" prize at last night's Young Hollywood Awards! And if you thought the "What About Love" singer was going to act all shocked with an adorbz "who me, I just can't believe it!?" expression, you'd be straight-up tripping. Instead, he reacted with an "I'M THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD" acceptance pose. I mean, wouldn't you?

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Judging by his ongoing world takeover, we have a feeling that accepting awards is just going to become part of Austin's monthly routine. And as someone who's accepted a few awards in my day (hey, that county fair blue ribbon in poultry raising didn't win itself, mmmkay!?), I know all about post-win celebrating! So, how do we think the MTV "Artist To Watch" would celebrate? Would he stop for ice cream on the way home or splurge on a new outfit? Nah, he'd probably celebrate like a proper BAWSE and hop on his private jet, pop some bottles (of sparking cider, of course!), and begin charting out his next order of world domination. Seriously, IS THERE ANYTHING THIS GUY CAN'T DO? (Well, except twerking -- but we have faith that he'll eventually nail that, too.)

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Photo credit: Getty Images