Selena Gomez And Her Hair Do A Great Cousin Itt Impression (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez channels ber hest Cousin Itt Impression!

Selena Gomez or Cousin Itt? IT'S VERY UNCLEAR. 

Talk about a "creepy and kooky" situation... Because it looks like Selena Gomez has morphed into Cousin Itt from "The Addams Family"! Kay, fine, it's possible we're exaggerating just a smidge (hyperbole is our middle name), but just TRY and tell us that the above photo of Selena Gomez (and yes, we DO know it's her) shielding her face with her shiny, presumably split-end-free hair doesn't channel The Addams Family's Cousin Itt. Just a bit. Right? Especially with her sunglasses?

Selena was snapped hiding her face with her hair while running some errands in Los Angeles. Now, we can tooooootally get behind the idea that perhaps Sel wasn't interested in being photographed by paparazzi at that moment. Maybe she was battling some under-eye bags after a long night of celebrating her Stars Dance album topping the Billboard 200 album chart? And girl, don't we know that sometimes even the most potent foundation can't conceal last night's revelry! If that was the case, then props to the "Come & Get It" singer for her on-the-fly coverage! That said, too bad she had to channel the spookiest "The Addams Family" member OF ALL TIME (not including, Thing, obvs). Personally, we think she'd have looked way more bomb in an all-black-everything "Wednesday Addams" ensemble, but we hear nobody wears black in L.A.

Photo credit: Splash/Getty Images