Why We Love Ariana Grande's REAL 'Yours Truly' Album Art (PHOTO)

We LOVE the official album cover art for Ariana Grande's "Yours Truly."

Ariana Grande's OFFICIAL album art is on the right. AH! So mah-chew-wah.

OK, so you know how Ariana Grande already debuted the album art for her upcoming Yours Truly earlier this week? FALSE ALARM. The "Baby I" singer was just havin' some fun with us, because -- NEWS FLASH -- it's Ariana's world, and we're just stanning in it. Once she decided that the joke was over (slash once she was finally able to prove to her bus-flipping BF that YUH-HUH she could TOTALLY fool the masses), Ms. Grande tweeted out the correction:

This 140-character missive was coupled with Ariana Grande's official Yours Truly cover art a half an hour later. We've gotta say that we LOVE the for real-real visuals so much more. The falsie's nice and all, and she obviously looks supa cute. But if "The Way" singer's goal is to break out of her kiddie TV star mold, looking all innocent in lingerie on a bed of crazy-bright pink roses is a little on the nose. The official album is infinitely more subtle in accomplishing that goal, not to mention the fact that it's ACTUALLY "mature" -- and not just in the "playing sexXxXii*~ dress-up" kinda way. Can't wait for the album's Sept. 3 release!

Photo credit: Republic Records