Star Spotting: It's Official -- Demi Lovato OWNS Duckface! (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato makes a duckface, and girlfriend owns it!

Demi Lovato duckfaces. WE LIVE.

We used to think that Selena Gomez was the ONLY person allowed to take duckface selfies. And, yes, it's highly probable that our decision was a direct result of the influx of duckface selfies that surfaced via Kim Kardashian's Instagram when she was still actually posting pictures. (What, you have a kid and then totally change your shtick?! Come on... we're DYING to see li'l North.) Or, maybe it was because of how scary THIS was. That said, we'd like to amend our initial statement to include the one and only Demi Lovato! Because would you just look at the duckface selfie that the still TOTES blonde "X Factor" judge just posted? Like, on what planet are we not putting this pic on our "duckface permitted" list?

The "Made In The USA" singer took to Twitter to show her fans some love, captioning, "[heart] my lovatics!!!!" And really, what better way is there to express your gratitude (especially for helping you through your tonsillectomy!) than by dedicating a perfectly executed kissy face to them? (Well, maybe a messenger delivery chock-full of Chanel, but that's for next time.) Now for the most important question: Will this duckface for the ages make a live appearance during Demi's "X Factor" judging gig? We can only pray.

Photo credit: @ddlovato